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in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. 

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TSA Officers have a right to an AFGE Representative in a meeting that may lead to discipline, but you must ask for it:
“If this meeting or discussion could lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or to adverse action against me,
I respectfully request that my Union representative, officer or steward be present at this meeting.”
    Do not refuse to attend if denied union representation.
    Tell them that you object and ask for the denial to be put in writing.
    Then call AFGE as soon as you can.

(AFGE Officers and Stewards are not obligated to represent non-members.)


Celia Hahn, President - celia.afge899 (at)
Mark Johnson, Vice-President - markgkjohnson (at)
Neal Gosman, Treasurer - nealgosman (at)


Vincent W. Longo, Jr., MSP - VinceLongoAFGE899 (at)
Maryellen Kervina, DLH - maryellenAFGE899 (at)
Keith Quick, FAR - Keefer914 (at)
Dan Pierson, RST - Dan.AFGE899 (at)

Local 899 Officers

Weingarten Rights
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1)  Go to

2)  Select “TSA” and [“airport”]

3)  Fill out the 1-page form and click  Join


Use the
Voluntary Deduction of AFGE Union Dues TSA Form 1158-1
Give the completed form to any Officer or Steward.
Or mail to:
Neal Gosman, Treasurer
AFGE Local 899
66 9th Street East Unit 2605
St Paul, MN 55101

For more questions, contact any Officer or Steward (above)

The following are PDF files:


Benefits for Members - Comparisions


Voluntary Deduction of AFGE Union Dues TSA Form 1158-1
This form is also used to stop dues withholding on your 1-year anniversary date

Bonus Bucks Recruiter's Rebate Form
When a recruiting campaign is in effect, both the recruiter and new member each get a Bonus Buck rebate.
(Not at this time.)

Personal Representative Designation TSA Form 1163-1
Use this form to designate a Union Steward or Officer as your Official Repersentative.


The Role of a Steward

What a Steward Does

Steward Job Description

Grievance Procedure Guide (Teamsters Union)


Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) - January 2020
Sections highlighted in Yellow are pending future agreement or Arbitration outcome.

Additional CBA language agreed upon to date March 2019

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) - January 2017
    (summary here)
Sections highlighted in Yellow are pending future agreement or Arbitration outcome.

Collective Bargaining Agreement - 8/30/2012

AFGE Local 899 Constitution

AFGE Local 899 By-Laws

AFGE National Constitution (Aug 2018)

AFGE Council 100 Constitution and By-laws (2015)

AFGE Council 100 Comments on the July 2019 Determination Letter

Pekoske Determination Letter July 3, 2019

Neffenger Determination August 12, 2016

Pistole Determination Letter 2014

Pistole Determination Letter 2011

AFGE Local Officers Resource Guide
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AFGE Agency Specific Issue Paper - TSA 2014

Office of Inspector General Report, March 28, 2019
"TSA Needs to Improve Efforts to Retain, Hire, and Train Its Transportation Security Officers"

House Passes Bill Granting TSA employees Full Workers Rights, March 4, 2020

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