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Formal descriptions from Local 899 By-Laws.
Additional duties will be determined as needed.

General Duties

It shall be the duty and obligation of all local officers and all other official representatives of the local, whether elected or appointed, to support, advance, and carry out all provisions of the AFGE National Constitution, the standard local constitution and bylaws, official policies of the Federation and, to the extent not inconsistent with the foregoing, all official policies of the local. See AFGE National Constitution, Article XX, Section 2.

No officer or agent of the local shall engage in any business or financial activities with or on behalf of this local which conflict with his or her fiduciary obligation to the local.

The President shall be the executive officer of this local; he or she shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the local and see that other officers comply with the responsibilities of their office and constitutional duties; comply with the National and standard local Constitutions; keep the membership apprised of the goals and objectives of the Federation; serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Election Committee, Audit Committee, and committee of investigation, or trial committee when he or she is bringing the charges or is directly or indirectly involved in the matter which gave rise to the charges; automatically serve by virtue of election to office as a local delegate to the district caucus, council meetings, the AFGE National Convention, and such other meetings participated in by this local as the local may be entitled; preside at all local meetings; and sign all documents pertaining to the office. If the President is unable to perform his or her regular duties because of sickness, leave, TDY, or for some other legitimate reason, he or she shall delegate the responsibilities of that office to the officer designated in the local's bylaws as provided for in Section 4 of this Article.

Vice-President MSP
In the case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Vice President shall fill the office for the unexpired term.
See standard local constitution, Article VII, Section 4.

Vice-President Outstate Minnesota
The Vice President-Outstate Minnesota should come from one of the Minnesota airports, excluding MSP.

Vice-President North Dakota
The Vice President-North Dakota must work at a North Dakota airport.)

Vice-President South Dakota
The Vice President-North Dakota must work at a South Dakota airport.)

The Vice Presidents will assist with the general business of running the Local, in addition to other tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Executive Board. Each Vice President should serve as the primary contact for the group of airports assigned (except for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Vice President) and must be a Bargaining Unit Employee at an airport included in the group.

The Secretary shall keep a complete record of the minutes of all meetings; maintain all election related documents (including copies of those pertaining to nominations, notices of meetings, and the minutes of any meetings, all of which must be sealed and preserved for one year after the election unless the records are requested by higher authority in the election appeal process or are still relevant), see AFGE National Constitution, Appendix A, Part I, Section 50); keep up-to-date the official copy of the bylaws of the local; conduct correspondence when directed by the President; and send out notices of meetings when required.
In addition to  the duties described in the AFGE Constitution [see PDF below], the Secretary shall be responsible for distributing the agenda and minutes of each meeting of the Local,
in addition to coordinating the overall distribution of information relevant to the Local's business, organizing, political action, and other subjects deemed important to the education and mobilization of members. This Local recognizes the importance of transparency and the role that open and active communication  plays in achieving that end.

The Treasurer shall be to maintain a bookkeeping system as prescribed by the National Secretary-Secretary-Treasurer; make a financial report at each regular meeting; keep an up-to­date roll of the members; receive all monies and/or dues paid into the local and receipt thereof; keep records of all transactions; deposit money in the bank to the credit of the local; make regular monthly reports to the NST, which includes furnishing names and addresses of all new members or members who have severed their affiliations with the local and furnishing notification of changes in members' addresses; forward per capita tax to the National Headquarters in accordance with the requirements of the AFGE National Constitution, and perform additional duties and responsibilities as outlined in the AFGE Financial Officers Manual. Disbursements for payment of current bills (other than per capita tax, and approved budgeted expenditures) shall be approved by the local.

All Candidates will be invited to submit a Candidate Information form.
If a Candidate submits a Candidate Information form,
the PDF of the form will be found on this site by clicking on the candidate's name link.

FORMS (pending)

Notice of Nominations and Election

Nomination Form

Candidate Information Form

Sample Ballot 2020


AFGE Local 899 Constitution

AFGE Local 899 By-Laws

AFGE National Constitution

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